Cooking a variety of Japanese dishes for a British audience places us in a slightly unusual situation. We like to stick to genuine Japanese classics, albeit with a contemporary twist. There are some slight alterations to suit local palettes, but not so many as to divert from the authentic style.

On arriving in Great Britain so many years ago, we were surprised by local breakfast traditions. Toast appeared to be ever present, which initially takes some getting used to. Over the years, our own tastes and preferences have changed. Toast has become more welcome as a breakfast option: it has its place.

In fact, we were even recently moved to by our first toaster. Having gained enough knowledge, assisted in no small part by the toaster reviews at Number 67, we were able to purchase something that would allow toasting at home.

But toast wouldn’t stand out as my favourite British dish. I hear you ask: what would?

Well, I have a few candidates, which I present here (in no particular order):

Shepherds pie, or even cottage pie: For those outside of the UK, these dishes may take some explaining. Unlike many pies, they contain no pastry. They are instead made using mince (with vegetables), topped by mashed potato.

The meat varies (as does the name of the dish). Where lamb is used, you have Shepherds pie. Where the content is beef, you will be eating a delicious cottage pie.

From those pies (that don’t seem like pies), we move on to the great pork pie. This does indeed have pastry, together with pork and jelly. Another favourite that we’ve added to the list.

Finally, we’d have to say that the Sunday roast would be on the list of favourites. Every Sunday? Maybe not, but they certainly how their place.

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